NATURAL. Bedspread Cotton Fleece and Merino Wool. Single Bed Size


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Blanket & Bedspread 100% Cotton Fleece Quilted With Pure Wool Merino Wool Comb Superwash. Cm.170x270

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Blanket made entirely of high quality cotton fleece and jacquard fabric All Over Design on the top, quilted with 100% pure Wool Merinos Superwash Combed on the underside. Thanks to the measurements made it offers the versatility and operation of a high quality bedspread. Weight of wool used gr.550 / sqm + padding of pure virgin wool gr.150 / sqm. Unique variant (see photo). Total Coverage Weight Approx.

Single measure cm.170x270


WARNING: This product is suitable for both summer and winter season.

Merinos Wool Features:

· Is breathable
· It is thermoregulatory
· Is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture)
· Is water-repellent (rejects the water)
· It is flame retardant

All these features make it unique and irreplaceable. It has a very high hygroscopic power: blankets and mattress cover in merino wool absorb the moisture produced by sweating overnight, releasing it into the environment. The result is a warm and dry bed, which ensures a healthy sleep, even in the summer.

Thanks to its very high content of lanolin, a substance used by pharmaceutical companies as an additive for the composition of some ointments, is a valuable natural aid against pain and joint inflammation. It does not lead to electrostatic energy and thus prevents heart rate acceleration during sleep, ensuring total relaxation. It is a concrete help that nature gives us, thus allowing us to return to a truly rejuvenating rest.

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