Mattress Cover GOLD 600 Pure Merino Wool. Single Size


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Quality without compromise. Mattress cover in pure virgin Merino wool GR.600 / MQ Cm.80x190

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Gold double layer mattress cover realized with the combination of two 100% Pure Merino woolly finely combed Merino wool layers of Superior Quality gr.600 / mq finished with a very soft velvet edge. Fixing system to the mattress with 4 elastics at the corners. Weight of wool used: upper side 100% Aged Merino Wool gr.6000 / mq. - lower side 600% Merino Agnellata Wool gr.600 / mq.

Single measure cm.80x190

"On request we can make any measure, finish with elasticized jersey band and insert the antistatic system in copper with a drain on the ground Send us your specific request now and we will reply as soon as possible."


ATTENTION: This product is suitable both for summer and winter.
Characteristics of merino wool:

· It is breathable
· Is thermoregulatory
· Is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture)
· Is water repellent (repels water)
· Is fireproof

All these features make it unique and irreplaceable. In fact, it has a very high hygroscopic power: blankets and mattress covers in merino wool absorb the moisture produced by perspiration during the night, releasing it into the environment. The result is a warm and dry bed, which ensures a healthy sleep, even in summer.
Thanks to its high content of lanolin, substance used by pharmaceutical companies as an additive for the composition of some ointments, is a valuable natural aid against joint pain and inflammation. It does not conduct electrostatic energy and therefore avoids the acceleration of the heartbeat during sleep, ensuring total relaxation. It is a concrete help that nature gives us, allowing us to return to a truly regenerating rest.

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