Aloe Vera Mattress Cover in Pure Merino Wool and Cotton. Double size


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Mattress cover in Pure Merino Wool and Aloe Vera quilted with Pure Cotton. Double size cm.170x190.

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Mattress cover made with Pure Merino Wool. The upper side with Jacquard insert is treated with natural extracts of "Aloe Vera" which perform an effective regenerative treatment at the skin level. The lower side is quilted with pure cotton fabric. Finished with matching piping. Weight of wool used gr.500 / mq.

Double size.


ATTENTION: This product is suitable both for summer and winter.

Characteristics of merino wool:

· It is breathable

· Is thermoregulatory

· Is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture)

· Is water repellent (repels water)

· Is fireproof

All these features make it unique and irreplaceable. In fact, it has a very high hygroscopic power: blankets and mattress covers in merino wool absorb the moisture produced by perspiration during the night, releasing it into the environment. The result is a warm and dry bed, which ensures a healthy sleep, even in summer.

Thanks to its high content of lanolin, substance used by pharmaceutical companies as an additive for the composition of some ointments, is a valuable natural aid against joint pain and inflammation. It does not conduct electrostatic energy and therefore avoids the acceleration of the heartbeat during sleep, ensuring total relaxation. It is a concrete help that nature gives us, allowing us to return to a truly regenerating rest.

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